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In 2021, we started running day program activities out of our house. We go out in the community, exercise, work on life skills and participate in activities that connect individuals with disabilities with community partners. We do service projects and fill envelopes, completing mailing projects for a local printer.

As we have been out in the community doing the day program, we have run into various people in the community who say there is a large need for this type of programming. One piece of information we were told is that hundreds of people with disabilities are stuck at home with no place to go after they finish their special education programs within the school districts. We want to create a comfortable/safe place where individuals with various abilities can come together and develop friendships, and find community. We want to employ persons who have been diagnosed with disabilities, and we want to partner with businesses in the community at large. We want to create a program that is sustainable and will fill a large gap in the services for our friends who find themselves sitting at home these days. We want One Day Niche to be a place where people of all abilities can come together and enrich the lives of each other through shared experiences.

Program Cancelation Policy

When you live in West Michigan, sometimes the weather gets the best of us. We will always prioritize the safety of our participants, volunteers and staff.  For snow or inclement weather cancelations we will follow Rockford Public schools. If they are canceled we will be as well.

April VanPutten
Board Member
Shari Farell, MA
Board Member
Alison Haraburda M.Ed