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Equine Therapy with One Day Niche

When You Donate to One Day Niche You:

  • Provide resources that allow participants to work on life skills and be a part of the larger community
  • Help improve the mental health of participants in the program
  • Allow One Day Niche to expand and enrich the experiences we can provide participants
  • Make a real difference in the life someone that is a part of the local community. 

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Additional Opportunities.

One Day Niche is looking for corporate sponsors to partner with to help offset our costs.  If you’re company or organization is interested, please contact us directly.

Currently, we do not own a facility and have made a rent-free arrangement at a private house. We are also raising funds which to allow us to find a place of our own that we can customize and adapt to our client’s needs.  Please contact us directly if you wish to learn more about these plans.

One Day Niche is a registered charity. Donations are used to cover all programming costs such as activity or membership fees, vehicle maintenance and staff time.